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Positive Spin

There is a tendency to want everything to work out. To be ok. To always be good.

But that feeling can lead to pretending that everything is ok.

That just saying it's good and will work out will make it so.

This is not healing. Not healthy. And keeps us in a spin cycle of struggling with what is.

Yes, we want to think positively. We want to curb our pessimistic urges.

For our peace of mind. For resiliency building.

But easing our troubles and living optimistically is really about taking a pause and resting.

Not struggling with our challenges. Once we rest, we can admit what is happening.

We can discern what emotions are hijacking us.

We'll have more capacity to accept what is actually happening.

This gives us time to heal naturally.

Not too much positivity before we feel what is going on.

This helps us to gain clarity, problem solve, and reduce stress.

Positive. But Real first.


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