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Samhain | Halloween

Wishing you a crisp, fall celebration.

Filled with sparkling light, deep reds, rustic oranges, and soft yellows.

May you lean into this in between time, this thin veil of hope and reflection.

How will you celebrate today?

What is completing for you?

What is beginning?

May you take a few moments to sift through your own musty layers.

Within this day of pumpkins, costumes, candy, trick or treating and spooky play.

And coming up are All Souls Day and All Saints Day- traditions of honoring loved ones.

They also offer opportunities for pause in between our care for ourselves and for others.

A pause in between this era of our lives and what lies ahead.

A pause in our relationships and what we have learned from loss and time.

A pause to notice our own goodness and the inherent goodness of this precious life.

May you prepare for darker winter days.

May you cozy up to your own process of transformation.

May you feel ok in these time-honored traditions of belonging and becoming.


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