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Sudden Change

Have you ever had a moment when everything changed?

When the change was sudden, unexpected, life changing?

How did you respond?

What was most important?

How did you care for yourself?

I recently had a health incident/accident that demanded a sudden shift.

All activities have been reevaluated.

I am called to slow down. Way down.

And that's uncomfortable.

Perhaps that's the point? To allow life to reveal a new vantage point.

To tend to what's been given. To take care of the most important things.

To learn about letting go- the ultimate practice.

In our reluctancy to shift quickly, we call on grace to abide.

How do you define that sweet release into "what is?"

I pause. Breathe softly. Trust.

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1 Comment

Jacqueline Risley
Jacqueline Risley
Apr 19, 2023


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