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What About New Year's Resolutions?

Thinking about the new year ahead?

Wondering what will be?

Reflecting on the past year?

Both past and future intersect in the present.

Seems obvious- and yet.....

We miss the present moment. Again and again.

In your reflections and resolutions- consider a new perspective.

One that includes the past and the future simply to inform the present.

Not to judge. Not to ruminate. Not to worry. Not to regret.

Simply to know life for what is- this incredible mystery.

Then the joy can seep in from the suffering.

Not to minimize or or avoid or make excuses.

Simply to know life for what it is not- another way to self-blame.

Perhaps leave the self-improvement project behind this year.

Perhaps live fully in the beauty of what you love.

Perhaps more focus on quiet and tender moments.

Happy New Year!


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