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When all else fails, dream.

This is a tried and true guideline for all the things in our lives "stuck in the mud."

Know what it feels like to be stuck?

Know what it feels like to not know how to take the next step?

Know what it feels like to be misunderstood?

It may be time to bypass the mundane ways of knowing and "listen."

Listening and Wonderment are like two peas in a pod.

We don't have to feel good or have things in our lives fit neatly and oh so tidy.

It's about living with awe in spite of it all.

What's it like to feed your soul?

What's it like to simply enjoy your life?

What's it like to feel tiny miracles in your day?

We don't need to fix everything to find joy.

Wonderment is actually more available to us amidst our struggles.

Perhaps it is more welcome.

All we have to do is notice it.

Stop fixing. Start noticing.

See Wonderment as a lived reality.


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