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You Belong Here

Inhabiting your life is not easy. Not enoughism is rampant.

Ever feel like your life is simply not as it should be?

And therefore, you are not as you should be?

The good news is that the feeling of separation is part of being human.

It arrives mostly as an unexpected guest. Unwelcome. An embarrassment.

We try so hard to fit in, to slip into our own skins effortlessly- like a magazine ad.

But that just doesn't work does it?

Life is filled with potholes, pitfalls, and pain.

Inhabiting our life is really about showing up to our life. All of it.

To live in connection with our self. Belonging to our self.

And to bearing witness to not always feeling like we belong.

Realizing the feeling and the reality are not the same thing.

The good news is that the feeling of connection is part of begin human.

We wait. We don't have to make it happen. We open to it naturally.

When you feel like all of your edges are jagged and there is no place to call home.....

Simply understand that all of the disconnections in our lives are part of this great upheaval.

We are in this together. Not just philosophically. (But thank you Nietzsche).

We are together in a very real way. Pandemic. Climate Crisis. Racism. Political unrest. Etc.

We are humans. Searching for a way to Be Together.

Continue to be kind. Continue to show up.

Continue to care about yourself as part of the whole.


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