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Airports & Humanity

Ever find yourself in a fuzzy edge of time in a day of travel?

Stuck in delays? Time zone changes? Hurrying just to wait again?

I recently traveled within a time freeze when all airlines in the country were stopped.

What an opportunity to practice!

In the midst of chaos, unanswerable questions, and a sudden shifts in plans.

It was surreal to experience "indefinite" time in a very scheduled world.

What matters most?

Luggage? Getting there on time? Ease of planning? Peace of mind?

Actually- equanimity is what matters most.

When we are handed any situation, our response is what allows all the other things to fall into place with less anxiety, better perspective, and "okness in action."

How do we remember to respond rather than react?

How do we not make life challenges worse?

How do we have a fresh perspective on what's actually happening?

We pause. We learn how to pause. We practice the pause.

From there, we can separate gently from how we'd like things to be.

Airports are great places to re-envision how we want to meet life.


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