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Bear Witness

What is the power of the message, "to simply observe?"

This is the heart of Buddhist teachings.

And it is a crucial message in most religions.

The message is given through all teachings that promote non-reaction.

And living from a place of devoted values and kind-heartedness.

So what does it mean to observe?

It's really about how to return to the path.

To get back on track. To remember who we are.

And how we want to show up.

To bear witness allows more spaciousness to choose how we want to respond.

To shift down below the choppy waters of busy mind, worry mind, and hopeless mind.

All moves and and is fluid when we simply observe.

All of this is contained in a kind, unconditional positive regard.

And this is how we move through our natural tendency toward negativity.

And this is how we live into our lives rather than from a reactionary state.

More joy. More calm. More bliss.


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