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Gaining Strength

Change of seasons calls us to action. To clearing space for new intentions. Calls us into relationship. For acknowledging what we need. For remembering joy.

One definition of springtime says it is "the earliest, usually the most attractive period of the existence of something." I love to hone in on the definitive moment of when spring arrives. I meticulously attend to the buds peeking out, to the shift in the fragrance of the air, to how I feel when I stroll out for my daily walk. No matter how attentive I am, I can never find that moment. I suddenly notice a new row of daffodils or a small cherry tree in full blossom. How did I miss it?

Why do we love spring? Because of the promise it holds. Because if we find that perfect moment of opening, of freshness, of delight- all will be healed.

When I release the need to find the perfect and most joyous moment of spring's arrival, I make way for all the nuances and layers of arrival. Springtime arrives again and again, and each walk offers a new opening, a new possibility.

And when we invite this freshness into our lives, we are suddenly buoyed by our own clarity and unburdening. This is strength in action. We are more free to choose. More fearless. More responsive to the life that is right here.

Try out new ways of connecting, of Finding Joy, and of arriving into springtime again and again. Revel in the life that is always unfolding.

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