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Retreat- Why? How?

I recently returned from a 2 day mini-retreat with some friends.

We spent our time laughing, praying, reflecting, listening, and "making meaning."

Why is retreat so important? I speak often about the "power of the pause." Taking a few moments a few times during your day to become attentive, to check in, to simply stop "doing" is a special habit. This meaningful practice gives shape to our days. It trains our brains to respond rather than react. It calms our nervous systems and offers solace to all that weighs on us.

In retreat, we pause our lives. This intention is different than "vacation." It is an intention to deepen spiritual practice and to create space for process and to unburden our lives.

What shape might this take for you? How could you create a few days in your life to be with friends who help you create a safe circle of retreat? What would you "do" on your retreat?

Or perhaps a little more quiet? A space of sanctuary?

Here is an example of our retreat schedule-

9:30a-10:30a- Circle Time

10:30-11- Break

11:00-12:00- Yoga|Meditation

12:00-2:00- Lunch|Free Time

2:00-3:00- Art|Reflection Activity

3:00-4:00- Break

4:00-5:00- Art|Reflection|Movement Activity

5:00-7:00- Break

7:00- Dinner

8:00-9:00- Closing Circle

9:00- Games|Movie|Free Time

"Check Out" for a Day or Two-

Another Fave to watch and wait for retreats.


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