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Routines & Personal Choice

Ok. We all have habits and unique ways of structuring our days.

Our power comes from understanding our choices.

And to learn when and how and why these habits and choices need to be changed.

Consider your morning and evening routines.

We have many ingrained habits in how we awaken and meet our day.

We also have deep comforts we rely on to help us manage our challenges.

What serves you? What is hindering a good start to your day?

What is helpful in settling you in for the night?

Beginning to evaluate your morning and evening choices is powerful and poignant.

Insightful. Clarifying. Empowering.

Including committed practices toward personal and spiritual growth serve us well.

We know this and yet these habits are hard to maintain.

However, when we "check in" frequently to our "north star," our choices become refined.

Commit to checking in over the course of the week.

Notice how you begin and end your day.

Begin to fine-tune your routines with tiny awarenesses for enormous benefits.


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