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Summer Bliss

Remember those long and luxurious summers when you were a kid? Where have they gone?

And how can we slip into a summer evening and feel that time is lingering?

How can we have a little of that summer daydream feeling?

And why is that important? Could this really be healthy and skillful for our well being?

Spontaneity is the rich world of possibility. An easy way to feel a sense of carefree bliss is to simply schedule one evening a week in the summer when "there is nothing scheduled." Absolutely nothing. See what happens. Don't schedule a nice dinner. Don't schedule a trip to the beach. Those are fun, too. But they're not the magical moments of summer.

The more you allow yourself to feel lighthearted and playful, the more you will decrease stress and enjoy your life- no matter how challenging other parts of your life may be.

Linger in the long, slow, and more gentle moments of your sweet summertime.

This is your life. Right here.


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