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Trusting Body

Ever heard this expression? "Your body knows."

Why is that? And how does mind connect to body?

And also, how can we separate mind and body?

Is it truly possible? Actually, it is.

It's about understanding how our minds are only half the story.

When we are "embodied," paying attention to what is happening,

we blend our mind and body, rather than detaching.

So we receive better signals about what is truly happening and gain clarity.

The body is completely present. From this space, we can trust ourselves.

Our minds give us stories, but they are not completely true.

Embodiment begins with noticing. With curiosity.

With kind attention. With noticing how you check out. And then check back in.

From there we can make well-informed choices about how to be and how to live.

This is what it means "to know."

This is the key to empowerment.

How you move, how you listen, how you choose, how you perceive.

Take a pause to "listen," to check in.

Learn about embodiment. Learn about you.


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