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What Does it Mean to Rest?

It may seem like a strange time of year to be speaking of rest.

But the maelstrom mid-month is a breeding ground for exhaustion.

Got a few lists? Got a few plans? Got a few long days?

Well- it's ok. It's ok to not be able to take time to rest.

It's also ok to simply tend to your life.

Rest in the midst of your life means being present.

This is its own kind of rest.

It's intentional presence. The antidote to missing out on your life.

The balm to inner turmoil. The fix-it plan when you have no time to fix anything.

To rest in what is simply means to notice your day.

To breathe with ease underlying all of the tensions of time and relationships.

Try This-

-Notice a particularly easeful moment and linger there a little longer.

-When your mind feels overloaded, don't try to fix it- just notice it, name it, and feel it.

-Be curious about what you're tending to this month- where are your priorities?


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